Good Morning :-)


Well it is a beautiful morning.  Sun is shining birds are singing.

Where to begin…well I am a mother of 3 incredible children (i know, every mom says that lol) a wonderful husband and a household of critters.  I live on a family compound of sorts.  My grandparents bought the property many yrs ago and it was divided among their 3 sons and now is divided amongst them and their children.  We all live next to each other and now our children are growing up with each other as we all did.  We are very blessed and fortunte.  I was married at 19 and am with the same man.  We have grown together in our nearly 22yrs married.  I have 7yrs of full time college in criminal law, biology and veterinary nursing.  I worked for many yrs in an animal hospital since that is what my main degree was in and I go out with a small animal vet 1-2xs a week while my children are in school. My father has an antique restoration and conservation business and when I became pregnant with my first child my father asked me to do all the weaving work for his business so I could be a stay at home mother. 15yrs later I have a successful business working side by side with my father. Its always crazy around here between children critters and work but I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasnt working. The only other thing that slows me down besides my children is stupid rheumatoid arthritis and migraines but with good meds I keep pressing on. While I may not be a great housekeeper I can say I am a perfectionist with my weaving work and you are paying for quality which is what you get. Be well and have a wonderful day 🙂